St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Friday, May 20, 2022
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

On-Line/Electronic Giving

On-Line/Electronic Giving
We'd love for you to join us in our mission of love.  Your generosity enables our church to serve the St. Albans community in new and exciting ways. We appreciate your financial contribution and we hope that the simplicity and convenience of being able to do so electronically or online is helpful to you 

Electronic Giving
You may contact the Church Finance Group at: or call the church and request their assistance in setting up direct payment from your bank or credit union to the church on the frequency you establish.  This process would be exactly like any Bill Pay transactions you are doing today with utility companies and others.  You would be able to establish the frequency of payments as well as the amount being paid to the church.  It is secure and confidential.
Online Giving
Our church is providing you with an opportunity to make donations online via our website.  If you live in another state, country or just across town and would like to make donations, recurring or one time, then this is the way for you to do that.  Online Giving will allow you to make your donations with payment options including a Credit Card or Debit Card.  Additionally the option for ACH donations to be made directly from your bank or credit union to the church is available and again these donations may be made as a one time gift of as a recurring gift.  ACH donations may be designated to be made from your personal checking account or a savings account with you setting the amount and frequency of the transfers to the church.  If you would like assistance in setting up your Online Giving Account to make a one time donation, a recurring donation or understanding the online giving process, please contact the church office at 304-727-7114 or send an email to:   
The box below is for members or guests who don't want to register or create an account but would still like to make an donation to our church.  To view your online giving and recurring donations, click the "View Donor Portal" link in the box below.

The box below is for Members or others who would like to make a donation and create an account for use in the future.  Donations made via the link below will also allow you to establish an ACH, or Credit/Debit Card link for one time or recurring donations.
If you would like assistance in setting up an Electronic Giving Account or Online Giving Account, to make recurring or a one time donation, or understanding the online/electronic giving process, please contact the church office at 304-727-7114 or sending an email to: